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Johnners Scholarship and Awards 2022

The BJMT Awards Panel met on 6 April 2022 via Zoom to make the annual Brian Johnston Scholarship Awards. A total of £45,000 was given in scholarships, grants and awards to help promising young cricketers to fulfil their sporting potential. We are very grateful for the generosity and support of all our Johnners Club members, who have enabled us to make these awards.

(1) ECB Recommended Scholars.

On the recommendation of the ECB Performance Department, Brian Johnston Cricket Scholarships totalling £24,000 were awarded to a record number of young cricketers to assist them with travelling expenses so that they can attend their coaching and training sessions:


  • Tom Clarke
  • Solly Hicks

Cricket East

  • Mehrab Khan
  • Usama Saad
  • Mohammed Juneid
  • Laura Newton
  • Ellen Oakins
  • Jack Oakins
  • Hamed Waheed
  • Rayyan Hussain
  • Arham Duranni
  • Mohammed Tayyib Javid
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Devansh Kumar Sharma


  • Asim Hameed
  • Casey Bedford
  • Will Norman

Isle of Wight

  • Oscar Vandercasteele
  • Ian Hailes
  • Samuel Blaize
  • Macy Toogood
  • Lilly Millwood
  • Nicola Smallwood


  • Shayam Jhaveri
  • Tom Purcell


  • Shahid Patel
  • Diaan Manga
  • Fred Fallows


  • Millie Greenwood


  • Nabil Moughal
  • Charlie Hood
  • Ethan Rice
  • George Gowler
  • Olly Jefferies


  • Jack Harding
  • Jamie Ogbourne
  • Lola Harris


  • Sam Henderson
  • Sam Topping


  • Tazeem Ali
  • Umar Shaikh
  • Omaris Khan
  • Hamza Shaikh


  • Haris Ajaz
  • Gohar Nisar
  • Ismail Mohammed


  • Clare Fairclough
  • Aliyah Khan


(2) Blind Cricket.

The Brian Johnston Memorial Trust is proud to continue its support of cricket for the visually impaired and a grant of £9,110 was awarded to Blind Cricket England and Wales towards the cost of funding their annual development weekend at the University of Leicester in September 2022, designed to introduce players and teams from around the country to blind cricket.

An additional grant of £9,530 was awarded to fund the BCEW Women and Girls VI Programme that offers blind and visually impaired school girls throughout the country the opportunity to learn about the game and participate in out-of-school cricket sessions in three regional groups across England.